Starting an Outpost or Homefront

Point Man is always looking for new leaders to expand the ministry. Critical to our success is the willing participation of dedicated leaders that have a heart for Veterans and issues faced by vets and their families. Key to the Pointman experience is the Outpost or Homefront. Each group is autonomous and is a part of the larger International organization. That means following the guidelines set out in the leaders manual, you are free to conduct your group within the guidelines. Pointman is a Christian veterans group that is open to any Veteran or their family members.

Qualifications of leaders

The requirements of an Outpost leader are:

  • Must be a veteran with a DD214
  • Agree with the Pointman International Ministries Statement of Faith
  • Be under the spiritual cover of a local Pastor, understand and sign an affiliation agreement
  • Sign and submit an SS-4 application with the IRS for EIN number
  • Receive and submit a letter of recommendation from your Pastor
  • Fill out a questionnaire about your goals and aspirations for your group
  • Under certain circumstances, a non Vet may be approved as an Outpost leader. However this is rare. Homefront leaders are wives, spouses or other family members or friends of a Veteran and meet to provide support for families.You will be provided an Outpost leaders Manual that will explain the duties of Pointman leaders, some of which include how to run a meeting, contact with the public, generating a referral network.

Start outpost / home front form

If interested in starting an Outpost or Homefront in your area please complete the form below. Someone from Point Man will contact you to discuss your interests and provide the necessary documents.